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Services and Pricing

Transparent pricing with no shocks – meaning we can focus on discussing the campaign goals and objectives as you already know the costs.

Broadcast Media Relations

Broadcast Consultancy

We place emphasis on defining your narrative strategy at the outset, to ensure the best possible outcomes. By doing this, we align on the targets early on, fostering clarity and mutual understanding before progressing further.



Broadcast Media Relations

We guarantee a baseline of 15 pieces of coverage across both TV and Radio platforms, without imposing differential charges. However, the figure of 15 is subject to the nature of the story. It’s also worth noting that we frequently surpass this minimum, reflecting our commitment to delivering value.

£2,500 + VAT

Spokesperson Procurement

In addition to making recommendations and handling agent negotiations and contracts, which are dependent on the spokesperson involved, we provide comprehensive support through spokesperson briefing calls. We also produce detailed briefing documents and ensure continuous engagement and support throughout the process.

Variable Pricing depending on talent

Consumer Research

10 Qs to 1,000 UK Adults.
Other samples advised based on the campaign.

£2,000 + VAT

Global Broadcast Media Relations

Delivering a minimum of 10 items of coverage across TV and Radio.

£2,500 + VAT

Media Training

Complete package getting spokespeople campaign ready for TV and Radio interviews

£1,000 + VAT


Development, Planning, and Creation

Episode arc, speaker/host recommendations, and recording.

£7,000 + VAT

Podcast Hosting

Delivery across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other platforms.

£1,000 + VAT Per Year

Podcast Promotion

Dependent upon the audience – quoted separately.

Variable Pricing

Media Clippings Service

AdHoc TV or Radio Clippings

Delivery of one-off TV or radio clip.

£50 + VAT

Day Monitoring

Want to know if a story has landed? We’ll monitor and deliver all clips landing that day.

£200 + VAT

Week Long Monitoring

As per day but across the week.

£500 + VAT

Broadcast In Context

6 Month Review of Brand Broadcast

Quant and Qual analysis of brand broadcast performance over 6 months delivered in PowerPoint with PR recommendations Insight PR recommendations delivered in PowerPoint (and presented).

£1000 + VAT

6 Month Review of Competitor and Broadcast

Quant and Qual analysis to help you understand which brands are winning your sector in broadcast and why.

Learn the grey areas and weak spots in strategy to take advantage.

Insight PR recommendations delivered in PowerPoint (and presented).

£3,000 + VAT

Monthly Ongoing Review of Competitor and Broadcast

Monthly Quat and Qual analysis of sector delivered and presented.

£1,500 + VAT per month

Broadcast Media Training

Includes full day of media training. Homework for speakers and PR teams to garner background, industry insight, message delivery, confidence building, trials and evaluation, check ins ahead of media interviews.

£2,500 + VAT (+£1,500 if in studio)

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