Yo Sushi - How To Get A Slice Of Happy


Be Broadcast teamed up with Yo Sushi on their ‘how to get a slice of happy’ campaign to shine a light on their new range of food products available in retail outlets for those on the go.

In a world that is full of bad news, we knew that a way to cut through the news agenda was to focus on something positive.

Yo Sushi were keen to highlight the colourful nature of the food and how people were seeking to ‘banish the beige’ when it came to their meals.


We suggested mirroring these themes by shining a light on the little things people can do in order to get a little bit of ‘happy’ in challenging times. We brought in the UK’s leading happiness expert – Dr. Andy Cope – who could voice the campaign and bring scientific credibility to the campaign.

We explored, through research, how when you calculated the stress of all of the preparation required for a holiday or a meal out with friends or family – that actually a picnic came out as Brit’s top way of grabbing a slice of happiness.

We also encouraged those who were working to collect their office mates and head out for the full hour for al fresco dining by highlighting that the average lunch break was now just 17 minutes.

Finally, for additional talkability, we created the Picnic Basket Index (a take on the Consumer Price Index) which revealed that the more ‘beige’ items were falling out of the basket and being replaced by brightly coloured fruits, vegetables and sushi.


This campaign secured significant coverage including the National (and regionally syndicated) Heart Breakfast Show with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Wiltshire, BBC Leicester, BBC Sussex, BBC Surrey, BBC Sheffield, BBC Kent, BBC London, Greatest Hits Radio and many more.

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