Yo – How To Cope With Messy Eaters At Christmas


Christmas is widely regarded as the most stressful time of year – unwanted guests overstaying their welcome, family arguments breaking out, and the precision it takes to cook the Christmas dinner.

But for many – the messy eaters and noisy guests could prove even more challenging.


Be Broadcast loved teaming up with YO! again to highlight its Finger Lickin’ Gloves campaign – which saw the restaurant introduce buckets of fried chicken over the festive season. Gloves were available for people to enjoy Japanese Fried Chicken without the mess.

Why? Fried Chicken is big business in Japan on Christmas Day. It is a tradition to either have a sit-down meal (with knives and forks) or get a bucket to take home.

Playing on the gloves, which aim to keep the mess away – we explored the other elements concerning messy food, including the sounds, which can spill over into rows at a stressful time of year.

And we weren’t wrong – 82% of Brits said they “can’t cope” with noisy eaters, saying it is the “most annoying habit of all time”. On top of this, 1 in 5 said they put off eating finger food like Christmas staple pigs in blankets due to the ‘fear’ of getting sticky fingers (HORROR!).

We teamed up with Dr Jane McCartney, who could detail ways to get through the festive season together and avoid causing World War Three in our homes by using simple stress-busting techniques.

Naturally, one of those included getting out of the house, trying new things (fried chicken at Christmas) and handing out gloves to the messiest of eaters at YO!


Dr Jane shared her wisdom and campaign messaging across over 600 outlets, including BBC Solent, Jersey, Manchester, London, Tees, GB News and Sky News Radio.

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