Yeo Valley Organic & James Wong's "Barefoot Brits" Campaign

Yeo Valley Organic, in collaboration with TV presenter and ethnobiologist James Wong, initiated the “Barefoot Brits” campaign to encourage Brits to reconnect with nature. The campaign aimed to highlight the benefits of “grounding” or walking barefoot in soil or mud, a trend popularised by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson.

Key Messages:

  • Promoting the concept of “grounding” for mental and physical health benefits.
  • Encouraging gardening and interaction with soil as a mood booster.
  • Addressing the digital disconnection from nature and advocating for a return to outdoor activities.

Media Engagement: The campaign garnered extensive media coverage, including interviews and features on various national and regional platforms:

  1. National Coverage:
    • The Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2): A high-reach platform offering extensive national exposure.
    • Steph’s Packed Lunch: A popular TV show, providing visual engagement with a national audience.
    • GB News: A national news channel, offering widespread visibility.
  2. Regional Coverage:
    • BBC Regional Stations: Including BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC WM, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Nottingham, ensuring localised outreach.
    • Local Radio Stations: Such as Moorlands Radio, Siren FM, Gateway Radio, and WCR, reaching diverse demographics within specific regions.
  3. Specialised Platforms:
    • Gaydio Breakfast and RNIB Radio: Targeted towards niche audiences for more focused engagement.
    • Radio News Hub: Offering a syndicated news service to various local radio stations.
  4. BBC Local Radio Stations:
    • BBC Somerset, BBC Bristol, BBC Wiltshire, BBC Swindon, BBC Gloucester: Focused on areas with a keen interest in organic farming and nature.
    • BBC Surrey, BBC Sussex, BBC Berkshire, BBC Solent, BBC Oxford: Catering to the southern regions with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.
    • BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York, BBC Humberside, BBC Sheffield, BBC Lincolnshire: Covering a wide area in Yorkshire, reaching audiences interested in gardening and outdoor activities.

Campaign Impact: The “Barefoot Brits” campaign successfully raised awareness about the benefits of reconnecting with nature and the simple joys of gardening and being outdoors. Through its diverse media strategy, the campaign reached a broad audience, from national listeners to regional communities, effectively conveying its message across different demographics.

Yeo Valley Organic’s collaboration with James Wong in the “Barefoot Brits” campaign demonstrates the effective use of media in promoting a healthier, more nature-connected lifestyle. The campaign’s extensive reach, from national platforms to local stations, underscores the power of diverse media engagement in influencing public behavior and perceptions.

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