Wise - Stag and Hens with Joe Thomas


Wise collaborated with Joe Thomas, renowned for his role as Simon from “The Inbetweeners,” to highlight the transformation of stag and hen parties from chaotic gatherings to sophisticated celebrations.


Perception Shift: Traditionally perceived as wild nights out, stag and hen parties are now evolving into cultured, experience-focused events.

Cost Awareness: Highlighting the financial aspects, Wise’s research revealed that modern stag and hen parties abroad can cost over £1,500 per person.

Key Statistics:

Spending Breakdown: £376 on travel, £362 on activities, £385 on accommodation, and £396 on food and drink.

Activity Preferences: Live music (31%), spa days (26%), and wine tasting (23%) are becoming popular choices.

Demographic Trends: Over-45s are more willing to spend, with 63% budgeting over £2,000 per person.


Campaign Launch: With Joe Thomas as the face, the campaign emphasised the cultural and experiential shift in stag and hen parties.

Research Presentation: Wise provided detailed statistics and insights into the spending habits and preferences of modern party-goers.

Media Involvement: The campaign included extensive media coverage across TV, radio, and online platforms.


Media Hits: Over 400 media engagements, including:

  • Sky News TV
  • BBC radio stations across the UK
  • Heart Breakfast with a reach of 25,000,000 listeners
  • Numerous regional BBC stations covering various cities and regions

Interviews: Joe Thomas participated in multiple Zoom interviews, sharing insights and tips on planning cost-effective yet memorable stag and hen dos.

Regional Preferences:

  • London: Ibiza, Las Vegas, Bali
  • East of England: Prague, Amsterdam
  • Midlands: Costa del Sol, Greek islands
  • North East: Copenhagen, Berlin
  • North West: Amsterdam, Barcelona
  • Northern Ireland: Ibiza, Marbella
  • Scotland: Berlin, Paris
  • South East: Ibiza, Prague

Key Takeaways:

Modern Trends: Stag and hen parties are increasingly about meaningful experiences rather than just partying.

Cultural Shift: Popular activities now include cultural tours, adventure sports, and wellness retreats.

Cost Concerns: Despite the rise in spending, there is a significant focus on managing costs and ensuring value for money.

Quotes from Joe Thomas:

“It’s wild to see how things have changed since our ‘Inbetweeners’ days. Back then, a good stag do meant waking up in a bush with a traffic cone and no memory of how it got there. Nowadays, people want experiences that aren’t just about drinking but about making lasting memories with friends.” “I think it’s fantastic to see people embracing new ways to celebrate. Who knew yoga retreats could be a thing for stag dos?”

Detailed Media Coverage: The campaign achieved significant media coverage across the UK, with a strong emphasis on interviews and features on BBC radio stations. The extensive reach of the BBC network helped to amplify the message, highlighting the shift in stag and hen party trends and providing practical tips for planning these events.

BBC Radio Coverage Breakdown:

  • BBC Wiltshire: Interview with Sue, reaching 70,000 listeners, focusing on the local interest in new stag and hen party trends.
  • BBC Swindon: Another session with Sue, targeting 60,000 listeners with similar content.
  • BBC Bristol: Reaching 47,000 listeners, discussing the importance of planning and budgeting for these events.
  • BBC Gloucestershire: Interview with a reach of 47,000, focusing on how cultural activities are becoming popular for celebrations.
  • BBC Somerset: Engaging 56,000 listeners with discussions on the evolution of stag and hen parties.
  • Heart Breakfast: A national broadcast across 52 stations with Jamie and Amanda, reaching 25,000,000 listeners, providing insights and practical tips on modern stag and hen dos.
  • BBC Merseyside: Paul interviewed Joe Thomas, reaching 190,000 listeners.
  • BBC Lancashire: Another session with Paul, reaching 148,000 listeners.
  • BBC Cumbria: Engaging 82,000 listeners with a focus on regional preferences.
  • BBC Leeds: Rima’s interview reached 156,000 listeners, discussing budgeting tips and popular destinations.
  • BBC Sheffield: Also with Rima, targeting 135,000 listeners.
  • BBC York: Engaging 54,000 listeners on how to plan a memorable stag or hen party.
  • BBC Ulster: Steven’s interview reached 801,000 listeners, focusing on the changes in stag and hen party culture.
  • BBC Essex: Interview with Paul, reaching 81,000 listeners, highlighting local trends and preferences.
  • BBC Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Northampton, Suffolk, Three Counties: Combined reach of over 500,000 listeners, discussing regional preferences and modern trends.
  • BBC Newcastle: Tom’s interview reached 205,000 listeners, focusing on popular destinations and activities.
  • BBC Tees: Engaging 99,000 listeners on cultural and experiential stag and hen dos.
  • BBC Hereford and Worcester: Chris’s interview reached 77,000 listeners, focusing on the evolution of celebrations.
  • BBC WM, Shropshire, Coventry and Warwickshire, Stoke: Combined reach of over 440,000 listeners, discussing cost management and popular activities.
  • BFBS: Reached 1,000,000 listeners globally, providing insights on planning memorable stag and hen parties abroad.
  • 98FM (Ireland): Brendan’s interview engaged 30,000 listeners, focusing on Irish preferences for celebrations.