Wise - Seasons Eatings

In a move to revolutionise the British Christmas dining scene, Wise, in partnership with celebrated TV chef Mallika Basu, launched the “Season’s Eatings – The Rise & Rise of Christmas World Foods” campaign. This initiative sought to delve into the evolving preferences and traditions of the UK population during the festive season, particularly focusing on the integration of global culinary traditions into Christmas celebrations.


The campaign aimed to:

  • Highlight the shift towards a more inclusive and diverse Christmas dining experience.
  • Encourage the exploration of international cuisines and flavours.
  • Promote community spirit and the act of giving during the festive season.


A comprehensive study was conducted by Censuswide from 20th to 23rd October, surveying 2,000 UK adults to gather data on their Christmas dining preferences, charitable acts, and community engagement. The research aimed to uncover the evolving trends and preferences shaping the modern Christmas dinner table in the UK.


Diversification of Christmas Cuisine:

  • A significant portion of the population (22%) reported indulging in dishes from Central Europe, Africa, and South Asia on Christmas Day, with 28% opting for a broader selection of world foods on Boxing Day.
  • The traditional Christmas roast appears to be making room for new, diverse dishes, indicating a shift towards a more globally-inspired feast.

Rise of the Christmas Curry:

  • 30% of participants used leftovers to create spicy curries, underscoring a creative and sustainable approach to holiday cooking.
  • The cold roast potato emerged as a Boxing Day favourite, enjoyed ‘as is’ by 28% of respondents.

Community Spirit and Generosity:

  • The research highlighted a commendable level of community engagement, with 23% of people contributing to charity, 20% buying gifts for neighbours, and a noteworthy portion of the younger demographic preparing food for their local community.

Popularity of Gourmet Seasonings and Spices:

  • There was a growing interest in gourmet seasonings and spices, with 23% of respondents incorporating such ingredients into their Christmas meals, pointing towards an elevated dining experience.

Global Connections and Celebrations:

  • Reflecting the global nature of modern society, 14% of people sent money overseas as a gift, and 30% planned to connect with family and friends abroad via video calls during the festive period.

Initiative Outcome

The “Season’s Eatings” campaign successfully leveraged extensive media coverage across national and regional outlets, as well as specialised platforms, to amplify its message. By embracing the rich tapestry of global cuisines and fostering a spirit of community and generosity, the campaign not only reflected but also contributed to the evolving landscape of holiday celebrations in the UK.