WISE - Maximizing Cost of Living for Summer Holidays

Be Broadcast partnered with Wise to raise awareness among British travellers about the impact of exchange rates on their holiday expenses and maximising the cost of living for summer holidays.


A significant portion of British travellers lacked understanding about how exchange rates work and their impact on the cost of living while on holiday. This lack of awareness often led to travellers unknowingly spending more on their vacations. Additionally, the cost of things during a holiday was not a primary consideration when choosing a destination, indicating a need for improved financial literacy and decision-making.


Be Broadcast and Wise launched a comprehensive campaign led by Nicky Kelvin to highlight the importance of considering the cost of living when planning summer holidays. The campaign aimed to help British travellers get the most value out of their vacations by selecting destinations where their money could go further.

Campaign Highlights:

Educational Content: Nicky Kelvin shared valuable insights through The Points Guy YouTube channel, addressing topics such as understanding exchange rates, identifying destinations where £1 offers more value, and tips for maximising savings while travelling.

Destination Analysis: The campaign analysed popular holiday destinations, comparing the cost of flights, hotels, meals, and beverages. It showcased alternative destinations such as Albania, Slovenia, and North Macedonia, where travellers could enjoy favourable exchange rates and potentially explore new and exciting places.

Financial Literacy: The campaign shed light on the importance of financial literacy for travellers. It emphasised the need for understanding exchange rates, recognising different currencies, and making informed decisions to optimise holiday budgets.


The collaboration between Wise and Be Broadcast generated extensive broadcast coverage, reaching a wide audience across various platforms.

  • Media reach: The total reach of opportunities exceeded 284 million
  • Broadcast coverage: The campaign received widespread coverage across numerous radio networks and stations, including Boom Radio, Capital Brand (UK), Capital Network (UK), Capital XTRA Brand UK, Capital XTRA, Capital XTRA Reloaded, Capital Dance, Classic FM, Gold Network (UK), Greatest Hits Network, Greatest Hits Radio, Heart Brand (UK), Heart 70s, Heart 80s, Heart 90s, Heart Dance, Heart Network (UK), Heat, Hits Radio Brand, Hits Radio Network, Hits Radio, Jazz FM, Kerrang!, Kiss Network, Kiss Fresh, Kisstory, LBC Brand (UK), Magic Network, Magic at the Musicals, Magic Chilled, Magic Soul, Mellow Magic, Planet Rock, Scala Radio, Smooth Brand (UK), Smooth Radio Chill, Smooth Radio Country, Smooth Radio Network (UK), Sunrise Radio National, TalkRadio, TalkSport Network, Times Radio, Virgin Radio Network, Radio X Network (UK), and Bauer Media Audio UK
  • Increased awareness: The widespread reach of opportunities contributed to increased awareness and understanding among British travellers about the impact of exchange rates on their holiday expenses.

The collaboration between Wise and Be Broadcast effectively empowered British travellers to make more informed decisions regarding their holiday destinations. The campaign, featuring travel expert Nicky Kelvin, successfully educated a wide audience about the impact of exchange rates on the cost of living during summer holidays. The increased awareness of financial literacy and cost-effective travel choices will undoubtedly benefit British travellers, allowing them to get the most value out of their vacations and explore exciting destinations where their money works in their favour.

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