Wise - Eurovision 2023 Can You Scouse Like a Local?


The city of Liverpool faced the challenge of outdated perceptions and negative stereotyping from public living in other parts of the UK. The challenge for Be Broadcast, in collaboration with Wise was to showcase Liverpool’s vibrant culture, friendly locals, and diverse attractions to visitors attending Eurovision 2023.


Wise conducted research to highlight Liverpool’s top attractions and dispel misconceptions. Key actions included:

  • Conducting surveys to identify the key reasons why Liverpool is a beloved destination, including the friendliness of its locals, rich culture, football heritage, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Collaborating with Liverpool legend Danny Beard to create engaging content tothat reflects the authentic Scouse experience and shares insider tips for visitors.
  • Leveraging media platforms including LBC, GB News, BBC South Today, ITV Meridian, and others, to spread awareness about Liverpool’s appeal and generate excitement for Eurovision 2023.


Through the collaborative efforts of Wise and Be Broadcast, the results of the campaign were truly remarkable. Extensive broadcast coverage was achieved across a range of prestigious platforms, ensuring that the message about Liverpool’s appeal and the upcoming Eurovision 2023 reached a wide audience.

The main outcomes were: collaborative efforts of Wise and Be Broadcast resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Overall reach: In total, the broadcast coverage secured by Be Broadcast for Wise reached an astounding 44,565,000 viewers and listeners throughout the UK. This extensive reach ensured that the message about Liverpool’s warm welcome and the anticipated Eurovision 2023 contest resonated with a diverse range of people.
  • Media Visibility: Be Broadcast secured media coverage on notable platforms to spread awareness about Liverpool’s appeal and generate excitement for Eurovision 2023. Major news outlets such as Channel 4 News and BBC Breakfast featured the story, providing national exposure and credibility to the campaign. The morning shows, including Good Morning Britain and Lorraine, further amplified the message, reaching millions of viewers across the country during their daily broadcasts. Capital, Heart, LBC, and Smooth, popular radio stations known for their wide listenershi joined in spreading the news. Local BBC radio stations, including BBC Oxford and BBC Radio Merseyside, played a vital role in connecting with the community and generating excitement at a grassroots level.
  • Dispelling Negative Perceptions: The research and media campaign challenged outdated stereotypes about Liverpool, encouraging visitors to experience the city’s warmth and cultural richness firsthand.
  • Showcasing Top Attractions: The case study highlighted Liverpool’s friendly locals, diverse nightlife, iconic landmarks, and musical heritage, offering a comprehensive guide for Eurovision attendees.

The media deliverables achieved through the collaboration between Wise and Be Broadcast had a transformative impact, changing perceptions of Liverpool and generating significant interest in the upcoming event. The extensive coverage across various broadcast platforms solidified Liverpool’s reputation as a vibrant and welcoming destination, showcasing its rich cultural scene, historic landmarks, and legendary musical heritage.

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 By leveraging the power of broadcast media, Wise and Be Broadcast successfully positioned Liverpool as a top-notch host city for Eurovision 2023, capturing the attention and imagination of millions across the country.