Westfield - #BossBudgeting & FikTok Advice


Do you remember financial advice at school? For many, it involved someone talking at the front of the class while we doodled happily away but this generation is different that’s why Be Broadcast teamed up with Westfield Stratford City #BossBudgeting campaign.

The generation coming through – as ever, they are doing things differently, and it seems to be having a positive impact… One which is rubbing off on adults too.

Those aged 12-17 say they have sourced their best money-saving tips from TikTok. They say that they value this kind of advice much more than what they get from their parents or school because they are delivered in an easy-to-understand way, without judgement or talking down to them – but is simple and straightforward.


Be Broadcast teamed up with Westfield Stratford City for #BossBudgeting, a new series of informative and interactive workshops hosted by three of the UK’s top and trustworthy FinTokers; Poku Banks, This Girl Talks Money and Financielle.

The events saw people gain crucial information about balancing the books and able to put them immediately into practice at Westfield Stratford City.

To shine a light on this London-based initiative, Be Broadcast took the approach of highlighting how many didn’t understand the term as well as burying their heads in the sand when it comes to finance.


  • Media coverage: Be Broadcast delivered live and interactive interviews with BBC Radio London, Sky News, TalkTV and GB News.
  • Be Broadcast secured attendees and on-site TV packages for BBC London TV, ITV London and BBC Money & Work.

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