Vanquis Bank - National Numeracy Day

Highlighting the significant gaps in numeracy skills among UK adults, with nearly half possessing numeracy skills expected of children aged 9 to 11.

Emphasising the economic impact of low numeracy, with the UK losing an estimated £25 billion annually due to gaps in basic financial knowledge.

Promoting the collaboration between Maths TikToker Bobby Seagull, Vanquis Bank, and Plain Numbers to launch simple video tutorials, demystifying complex financial terms like APR and AER.

Addressing the trend of young adults turning to TikTok for financial advice, with 59% of those aged 18-24 seeking financial education through engaging and accessible content.

The campaign garnered substantial media attention, with coverage across various broadcast platforms:

BBC Asian Network: Featured discussions on the collaboration and the importance of financial literacy, reaching a broad national audience.

BBC London: Highlighted the campaign’s focus on improving numeracy and financial understanding among adults, with mentions of Vanquis Bank’s role in creating educational videos.

BBC Wiltshire, BBC Swindon, BBC Somerset, BBC Bristol, BBC Gloucestershire: These stations discussed the importance of financial literacy in their local regions and promoted the video resources available on Vanquis Bank’s website.

BBC Cumbria, BBC Newcastle, BBC Tees: Focused on the impact of numeracy skills on financial management, promoting the educational videos created by Vanquis Bank and Bobby Seagull.

The Vanquis Bank campaign with Bobby Seagull effectively raised awareness about the critical need for enhanced numeracy skills among UK adults. By leveraging a multi-faceted media strategy, the campaign successfully reached a diverse audience, promoting financial literacy through engaging and accessible content.

The introduction of video tutorials demystifying complex financial terms was particularly well-received, with numerous media outlets highlighting the initiative’s potential to boost financial confidence and capability. This innovative approach not only showcased the collaboration between Vanquis Bank and Bobby Seagull but also provided practical solutions for individuals struggling with financial management.

The campaign’s extensive reach, with a total reach of over 10 million through broadcast opportunities, along with the positive feedback from media outlets, underscores the campaign’s success in resonating with the public. By addressing the gaps in financial understanding, the campaign contributed to fostering a more financially literate and confident society, especially during challenging economic times.