The Frontline - Is The Reputation of Social Workers Fair?


When you think of a social worker – what springs to mind? Is it a positive or negative reputation? Be Broadcast teamed up with The Frontline for ‘Reputation of a social worker’ campaign.

If you see a negative one –– then you aren’t alone. For example, over half (58%) of people say social workers have a ‘bad reputation’, and of those, nearly a third (31%) would be reluctant to accept their help despite needing support.

47% say that they would turn to a Doctor when faced with challenges – which could explain some GP waiting lists.


Be Broadcast helped to launch a campaign for The Frontline – which trains and develops social and care workers. The campaign aimed to tackle the issue head-on – by highlighting that the consistent negative focus on high-profile stories – ONLY – means that the general public only gets to see one view of care workers.

As a result, it means that when people need support – expected to increase as the cost-of-living crisis bites – may not come forward. It also likely means that people would be discouraged from joining the sector.

The campaign message was simple – absolutely shine a light on the challenges, but also spend time looking at the good. This includes helping around 700,000 children in England each year with challenges like mental ill-health, domestic abuse and poverty.


Working closely with The Frontline utilising case studies and speakers, we were able to secure significant coverage, including ITV Central, Sky News, BBC Look North, BBC South TV, STV, Magic, Heart, Hits Radio, London Live, LBC, TalkRadio That’s TV, BBC Radio Manchester, Tees, London, WM, Lancashire and Sky News Radio.

Watch: BBC Look North

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