Start-Rite Shoes - Make Do & Mend


Be Broadcast teamed up with children’s shoemaker, Start-Rite Shoes ahead of school uniform buying season for its Make Do & Mend campaign to encourage parents to think before they buy.

This campaign landed in August – ahead of any measures announced by the Government – and Cost of Living was top of the agenda.

Utilising sales data we pinpointed the exact day which parents would be hitting the high street – despite financial concerns.


We used this hook to launch a campaign that looked at the issues of cost and sustainability of school uniforms. Our data showed that three quarters of parents simply buy new each year – potentially leading to 1.4 million uniforms ending up in landfill unnecessarily.

At present, only 25% ever really consider making do and mend. But in a co zst of living crisis – many will need to rethink how they approach this.

We collated and shared tips and advice from parents around the country about how to they can make their uniform last longer, how make money stretch and insight on some of the help which is available for parents struggling.

This campaign was led by Kate Hardcastle MBE – the Customer Whisperer – who spearheaded the tips powerfully across broadcast outlets across the country.


This campaign secured significant coverage across Sky News TV & Radio, Good Morning Britain, GB News, BBC London, London Live, BBC Leeds, Stoke, Devon, Derby and many more.

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