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Spar conducted research to explore the impact of volunteering and the barriers faced by individuals in the UK. The study aimed to shed light on the benefits of companies offering time off for volunteering, to enhance employee well-being, and strengthen community engagement.


The findings revealed significant insights into the world of volunteering and its implications for both individuals and companies. Key takeaways included:

  1. Volunteering and Respect: Two-thirds (67%) of UK individuals have volunteered at some point in their lives, with 61% considering volunteering as an immediate sign of respect. This recognition highlights the crucial role played by volunteers in local communities.
  2. Career Development: Volunteering provides valuable skills and experiences, making it beneficial for overall career development. Hiring managers recognisze volunteer work to be as valuable as paid work, with 41% considering it during candidate evaluations.
  3. Barriers to Volunteering: Lack of time (47%) and difficulty balancing work and volunteering commitments (24%) were identified as major barriers. Companies can address these challenges by providing more time off for volunteering.
  4. Impact on Happiness and Reputation: Employees who engage in employer-supported volunteering reported higher levels of happiness (77%) and were more likely to recommend their company to others (62%).
  5. Desire to Volunteer: Almost half (46%) of the respondents expressed a desire to volunteer soon, with one in ten (12%) keen to start helping in the near futuresoon. Many individuals believed they could find approximately 6 hours a month to contribute.
  6. Motivations for Volunteering: The primary motivations for volunteering included helping others (56%), making a difference (50%), giving back to the community (46%), and improving personal well-being and mental health (24%).
  7. Common Volunteering Opportunities: The most common volunteering areas were schools (24%), local outdoor spaces (24%), charity shops (21%), local sports events (19%), and children and youth centers (18%).


Dr. Nishat Babu’s Expertise: Dr. Nishat Babu, an esteemed Assistant Professor at Loughborough University with expertise in occupational psychology, provides insights into the significance of leadership, employee functioning, well-being, and engagement in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Be Broadcast collaborated with Spar to disseminate these findings through various media outlets.


Media Deliverables: Be Broadcast collaborated with Spar to disseminate these findings through various media outlets. The research and Dr. Nishat Babu’s expertise were featured on BBC Channel Islands, Proper Sport, Siren, Greatest Hits Radio, Heart Solent, Capital South, Smooth Solent, Meridian, 10 Radio, WCR, Radio Woking, Gateway, Zoom, BBC Leeds, Unity, BCB, and BBC East Midlands Today TV.

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