Shaking Hands With Elvis - Assisted Dying

In anticipation of the parliamentary debate on assisted dying on April 29, 2024, author Paul Carroll launched a comprehensive media campaign to promote his latest book, “Shaking Hands with Elvis.” This initiative aimed to stimulate discussion and awareness about the complex and sensitive topic of assisted dying, drawing from Carroll’s personal experiences and thorough research.

Highlighting Carroll’s journey from supporting to opposing assisted dying after researching its global implications.

Addressing the potential normalisation of death, the slippery slope of expanding criteria, and the risk of economic pressures overshadowing the intrinsic value of human life.

Emphasising controversies from countries where assisted dying is legal, illustrating the complexities and risks involved.

Introducing “Shaking Hands with Elvis” as a satirical exploration of assisted dying, aiming to provoke thought and debate.

The campaign achieved significant media attention, securing spots across a wide array of broadcast platforms:

Good Morning Britain: Paul was included on a panel for a debate-style interview on GMB.

Sky News: Paul pre-recorded a segment on his views ahead of the campaign launch.

BBC World Service: Paul Carroll’s interview reached approximately 300 million viewers worldwide, providing a substantial platform for his key messages and book promotion.

GB News

TalkTV and Talk Radio: Appearances on the Kevin O’Sullivan Show reached over 1.7 million listeners, integrating Carroll’s insights into the national conversation on assisted dying.

BBC Local Radio: Pre-recorded and live interviews were conducted with stations including BBC Jersey, BBC Guernsey, BBC Solent, BBC Somerset, and more, reaching a combined audience of over 1 million listeners.

The “Shaking Hands with Elvis” campaign succeeded in raising awareness about the complex issues surrounding assisted dying. Carroll’s personal story and the novel’s critical perspective were well-received, prompting widespread discussion and consideration of the ethical and societal ramifications of assisted dying.

The campaign’s reach exceeded 8 million across various broadcasting platforms, significantly raising awareness of both the novel and the debate on assisted dying. The interviews and discussions sparked by the campaign encouraged listeners to think critically about assisted dying, highlighting the need for stringent safeguards and ethical considerations.

Paul Carroll’s media campaign exemplifies the power of strategic media engagement in raising awareness about crucial social issues. By leveraging a mix of national, regional, and specialised platforms, the campaign not only promoted Carroll’s novel but also contributed to a broader public discourse on the ethical and societal challenges of assisted dying.