Schwartz - Home Cooking with Nadiya Hussain

Schwartz partnered with TV chef and Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain to address common barriers in home cooking. The initiative focused on introducing variety and ease into everyday meals.

The Challenge:

  • Many households stuck in a routine of repeating the same few meals each week.
  • Common barriers included lack of time, cooking skills, and kitchen equipment, compounded by tiredness.

The Approach:

  • A comprehensive survey to understand mealtime behaviours and preferences.
  • Launch of a flavour-packed range of recipe kits by Schwartz and Nadiya Hussain, targeting diversity and simplicity in home cooking.


  • The survey revealed a significant desire among respondents for more diversity in their meals.
  • Schwartz’s partnership with Nadiya Hussain responded to this need, offering easy-to-use recipe kits to enhance culinary experiences at home.
  • Broadcast coverage across numerous platforms like BBC Radio and Big City Radio, reaching over 15 million people, effectively communicated the campaign’s message and offerings.


The Schwartz and Nadiya Hussain partnership successfully identified and addressed key challenges in home cooking. By offering innovative and accessible solutions, they empowered individuals to diversify their meal routines, enhancing both confidence and enjoyment in the kitchen.

For More Information:

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of combining insightful research with celebrity partnership in addressing everyday consumer challenges. The Schwartz and Nadiya Hussain initiative serves as a model for future campaigns aiming to blend market understanding with practical, user-friendly solutions.

Results Summary:

Broadcast Coverage for Schwartz:

  • Total Opportunities: 61
  • Total Reach: 15,802,000

Interviews Highlights:

  • Nadiya Hussain emphasised Schwartz’s prominence in supermarkets and its role in simplifying meal preparation.
  • Discussions centred around Schwartz’s research, including statistics on mealtime decision-making and cooking confidence.
  • The interviews effectively incorporated Schwartz mentions, research discussions, and website links for further information.

Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign resonated well with audiences, providing solutions to common meal preparation challenges.
  • Nadiya Hussain’s involvement added credibility and relatability to the campaign, enhancing its impact.
  • The widespread media coverage successfully raised awareness about the new Schwartz recipe kits and their potential to transform everyday cooking experiences.