Schwartz - Batch Cooking Advice


Be Broadcast teamed up with Schwartz to offer batch cooking advice in November, when the weather was beginning to turn colder, and winter was approaching much sooner than many anticipated.

Yet while the cost-of-living crisis – including energy, fuel and food prices hiking up – has caused a tidal wave of stress to ripple throughout the nation, it seems many were preparing to face the crisis.

Our data with Schwartz showed that 51% say that cost of living impacts their meals. To cut costs, 47% ate the same meals daily. 16% said they were struggling to cater to picky eaters – usually young children – who perhaps don’t understand the realities of what is happening.

61% chose cost-effective meals each day – such as omelette, pasta, toast and jacket potatoes. But 59% said they were already bored of these meals – with the most brutal times still ahead (winter). On top of this, 46% said they have cut back on the quality of their products, impacting the food’s overall flavour, taste, and nutrients.


Many have heard about or seen the rise of ‘Batch Cooking’ as a reaction to the crisis – where you cook a larger portion and freeze individual portions. Schwartz highlighted how batch cooking along with herbs and spices could help people save money and get the nutrition they need but avoid meals becoming ‘samey’.

Our approach within this campaign was to highlight the actual realities of how the cost of living was impacting food – and offer tips and genuine ways of helping. To do this, we teamed up with Inside The Factory’s Cherry Healey (to convey a behind-the-scenes view of food).


Cherry could comfortably connect and reach people listening at home, talking about her experiences growing up and also a single mother. Cherry gave her tips and advice – with many sourced from Mumma Healey – across Vanessa Feltz’s TalkTV show, GB News, London Live, BBC London, Hereford and Worcester, Sky News Radio, Closer Magazine and an Instagram Reel of batch-cooked Schwartz meals.

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