Wolfpack: "Second Row IPA" Campaign for MND Awareness

Wolfpack, founded by former rugby players Jim Hamilton and Al Hargreaves, launched the ‘Second Row IPA’ initiative to raise awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in honor of their friend and fellow rugby player Ed Slater.

The Challenge:

  • To raise awareness and funds for MND, a debilitating disease affecting the rugby community, including notable players like Doddy Weir and Rob Burrow.
  • To leverage the Rugby World Cup as a platform to escalate efforts in finding a cure for MND.

The Approach:

  • Created ‘Second Row IPA’, a special beer with 20p from every pint sold donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).
  • Promoted the initiative through a national pub campaign coinciding with the Rugby World Cup, reaching a wide audience of rugby fans and pub-goers.


  • Significant media coverage on platforms like Sky Sports News, BBC Derby, and Gateway, effectively raising awareness about MND and the ‘Second Row IPA’ initiative.
  • Successfully engaged the rugby community and general public, using the spirit and visibility of the Rugby World Cup to drive the campaign’s message and impact.


The ‘Second Row IPA’ campaign by Wolfpack demonstrated the powerful role sports can play in social causes. By combining the passion for rugby with a meaningful cause, Jim Hamilton and Al Hargreaves significantly contributed to the fight against MND while honoring the spirit of the rugby community.

Broadcast Coverage for Wolfpack:

  • Total Opportunities: 368
  • Total Reach: 23,833,226

Key Highlights:

  • Extensive media coverage, including interviews and features on national and regional outlets such as BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News, GB News and many others.
  • The campaign resonated with the audience, bringing together the rugby community in support of a significant cause.

Key Takeaways:

  • The initiative successfully utilized a major sporting event (Rugby World Cup) to amplify its message.
  • ‘Second Row IPA’ served as a symbol of unity and strength, embodying the spirit of rugby and community support.
  • The campaign’s reach and impact underscore the power of sports as a platform for raising awareness and funds for critical health issues.