Royal Voluntary Service - Stay Safe, Warm and Well

In anticipation of the challenging winter months, the Royal Voluntary Service, a prominent health and wellbeing charity, in partnership with Yakult UK, launched the “Warm Winter Hearts” campaign. This initiative aimed to address the seasonal affective disorder and general malaise often felt during winter, especially among older people.

Key Messages:

  • Highlighting the impact of winter on mental and emotional wellbeing, with a focus on older adults.
  • Promoting the consumption of mood-boosting foods through the introduction of “Happy Plate” recipes developed by esteemed TV chef Rosemary Shrager.
  • Providing comprehensive wellbeing support including money-saving, energy-saving tips, and mental health resources as part of the “Stay Safe, Warm and Well” campaign.

Media Engagement:

The campaign achieved significant media attention, securing spots across a wide array of broadcasting platforms:

National Coverage:

  • The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 featured the campaign, reaching approximately 1.5 million listeners, highlighting the RVS’s effort and the Happy Plate initiative.

Regional Coverage:

  • Black Country Radio, BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Essex, and others discussed the campaign in-depth, offering regional outreach and direct links to the RVS website for more information.

Specialized Platforms:

  • Diverse radio stations including Sunrise Radio, Lyca Radio, and Radio XL provided tailored coverage to their respective audiences, ensuring that the message reached as many demographics as possible.

Campaign Impact:

The “Warm Winter Hearts” campaign succeeded in raising awareness about the detrimental effects of winter on the elderly’s wellbeing. The campaign’s multi-faceted media strategy enabled it to connect with a broad audience base, effectively disseminating its vital messages.

The introduction of Happy Plate recipes was particularly well-received, with numerous media outlets emphasizing the initiative’s potential to enhance mood and overall health through diet. This aspect of the campaign not only highlighted the innovative approach taken by the Royal Voluntary Service and Yakult UK but also provided practical solutions for those struggling through winter.

Moreover, the campaign’s extensive reach, evidenced by a total reach of over 7 million through broadcast opportunities, along with the qualitative feedback from media outlets, underscores the resonance of the campaign’s core messages with the public.

The collaboration between Royal Voluntary Service and Yakult UK in the “Warm Winter Hearts” campaign showcases the power of strategic media engagement and community-focused initiatives in fostering a healthier, more connected society, especially among vulnerable populations during the colder months.