Pro Plus Ultra - Monday Mania and the Curious Case of the UK's Focus Frenzy


Sleepy Brits are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain focus and productivity, with tiredness impacting their work and personal lives. The pandemic has further worsened concentration levels, causing a focus crisis in the UK. Be Broadcast was challenged by Pro Plus Ultra, a leading brand in cognitive enhancement, to address ‘monday mania and focus frenzy’ attention crisis and help individuals regain their productivity.


Be Broadcast  developed a campaign to tackle the UK’s focus issues. Through extensive research, they identified the key factors contributing to the decline in focus, such as poor sleep, boredom, noisy spaces, and hunger, and created a media outreach strategy across various channels with knowledge and tools to combat this. They also collaborate with renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Jack Lewis, to provide expert insights and offer practical solutions to improve focus and productivity.


The comprehensive broadcast strategy by Be Broadcast and Pro Plus Ultra garnered significant attention and reached a wide audience through various media channels.

  • Total number of opportunities: 642
  • Overall reach of opportunities: 261,871,126
  • Notable coverage: Including GB News, one of the prominent news networks in the UK, which reached an extensive viewership. Additionally, BBC Lancashire featured the campaign, providing exposure to a local audience. Other radio stations, such as Greatest Hits Radio (South Yorkshire) and Heart Four Counties – Beds/Bucks/Herts, also contributed to the campaign’s reach.
  • Diverse audiences: The collaboration between Be Broadcast and Pro Plus Ultra extended to numerous stations across the UK, allowing the campaign’s message to resonate with diverse audiences.

Be Broadcast’s campaign successfully raised awareness about the focus crisis in the UK, reaching millions of people through extensive media coverage. The collaboration with Pro Plus Ultra and Dr. Jack Lewis provided practical solutions for combating common focus disruptors. By empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to improve their focus, Be Broadcast helped them reclaim their productivity.


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