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To mark its 25th anniversary, the North West Air Ambulance Charity is engaging with TV and radio outlets across the country to highlight the critical role the charity plays. This initiative will showcase compelling case studies demonstrating the advanced pre-hospital care provided by our teams, including surgical procedures and blood transfusions at emergency scenes. The goal is to shine a light on the charity’s vital work, the lives it has saved, and the ongoing need for public donations to continue its operations, as it receives no government funding.

Life-Saving Impact: The North West Air Ambulance Charity has been saving lives for 25 years, providing advanced pre-hospital care that includes surgical procedures and blood transfusions at the scene of emergencies.

Reliance on Donations: As a charity that operates without government funding, the North West Air Ambulance relies entirely on public donations and needs to raise £12-18 million annually to keep its services running.

Specialist Care: The charity employs highly skilled paramedics and doctors who specialize in major trauma care, delivering life-saving treatment at the scene of accidents and medical emergencies.

Real-Life Stories: Sharing testimonials from individuals whose lives were saved by the North West Air Ambulance, such as Dave Briggs and Zack Bonny, to illustrate the profound impact of the charity’s work.

Broadcast Coverage

Total Number of Opportunities: 147

Total Reach of Opportunities: 50,747,000

BBC Cumbria (82,000 reach): Discussions on the charity’s 25th anniversary, emphasizing reliance on donations and specialist trauma care provided by their doctors and paramedics.

BBC Lancashire (148,000 reach): Coverage includes mentions of the charity’s anniversary, need for £12 million annually, and testimonials from survivors like Zack Bonny.

BBC Manchester (173,000 reach): Highlights the charity’s need for public donations and its status as a charity.

Capital Manchester (385,000 reach), Greatest Hits Manchester (274,000 reach), Smooth North West (1,031,000 reach): Personal stories of individuals saved by the North West Air Ambulance, emphasizing the charity’s status and need for public support.

BBC North West Tonight TV (450,000 reach): In-depth segments on the 25th anniversary, featuring stories of people saved by the service and the charity’s reliance on public donations.

ITV Granada Reports (480,000 reach): Features stories of people saved by the service, highlighting the charity’s need for £18 million annually to continue its operations.

Quotes from Coverage

BBC Cumbria: “Their doctors and paramedics are specialists in the most extreme major trauma.”

BBC Lancashire: “The paramedics and the doctors used by air ambulance are some of the most specialist doctors in trauma cases.”

The North West Air Ambulance Charity’s 25th-anniversary campaign has successfully highlighted the charity’s critical role in providing advanced pre-hospital care. By showcasing real-life stories and the expertise of its medical teams, the campaign underscores the charity’s life-saving impact and the importance of public donations to sustain its operations. With extensive media coverage reaching over 50 million people, the campaign has effectively communicated the need for continued support to ensure the charity can continue saving lives in the future.