National Lottery & Young Hero Award - Promoting Positive Youth Development

Background: Osmond Gordon-Vernon, a 14-year-old from Battersea, London, has been recognized as a Young Hero Winner for his innovative board game “Life is What U Make It”. The game educates players about the challenges of growing up in areas with gang activity and the importance of choosing a lawful path.

Challenge: The primary challenge was to raise awareness about the struggles faced by young people in certain urban areas and to promote positive choices among youth. Osmond’s game aimed to address these issues creatively and engagingly, making the message accessible and relatable to a younger audience.

Action: To celebrate this creative initiative, Brenda Edwards, a renowned singer and performer, presented the National Lottery award to Osmond. Her artistic background and popularity added a touch of inspiration to the event. The award presentation included:

  • Media Coverage: The event received extensive coverage on regional platforms like BBC Radio London, BBC London TV, and Greatest Hits London, reaching a broad audience.
  • Public Engagement: The award presentation was shared on platforms like YouTube, increasing the visibility of Osmond’s game and its message.

Impact: The National Lottery Award and the media attention it garnered highlighted the need for positive youth engagement and the power of creative solutions. Key impacts include:

  1. Increased Visibility: The media coverage amplified Osmond’s message, highlighting the importance of positive decision-making among youth.
  2. Youth Empowerment: The award and the game itself serve as a beacon of encouragement for other young individuals to engage in creative and constructive activities.
  3. Community Awareness: The event raised awareness about the challenges faced by youth in urban areas and the critical role of community support in fostering positive development.

Conclusion: The collaboration between the National Lottery and the Young Hero initiative, culminating in the award to Osmond Gordon-Vernon, underscores the importance of supporting young people in expressing their creativity and addressing social issues. This recognition not only celebrates Osmond’s innovative approach but also inspires similar efforts, emphasizing the role of creativity and positive choices in youth development.

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