Dr Beckmann - Mr Carrington's Hoarding Amnesty


  • Context: A growing number of people in the UK are struggling with household clutter, leading to stress and relationship issues.
  • Problem: 70% of people admit to hoarding unnecessary items, with 52% unable to access their sink cupboards and 54% unable to part with old clothes. This behaviour is causing significant stress and frequent arguments among couples.
  • Findings:
    • Hoarding items like cleaning products, clothing, books, souvenirs, CDs/DVDs, and paperwork is common.
    • Research by Dr. Beckmann revealed the psychological reasons for hoarding, including sentimental value (54%), potential future use (50%), and guilt from receiving gifts (41%).


  • Partnership: Collaboration with Mr. Carrington, a leading home organisation and decluttering expert, to launch a national Hoarding Amnesty.
  • Objective: Encourage people to declutter their homes and reduce stress by providing practical tips and strategies.
  • Strategy:
    • Conducted research and highlighted the issues caused by hoarding.
    • Provided practical decluttering tips from Mr. Carrington.
    • Promoted the use of multi-purpose cleaning products like Dr. Beckmann’s Floor & Multi-surface Cleaning Sheets.
    • Engaged with media outlets to spread awareness and provide decluttering advice.


  • Media Coverage:
    • Achieved 345 media hits.
    • Total reach of 196,890,900.
    • Coverage included major outlets such as:
      • BBC Regional Stations: Significant coverage across multiple BBC regional stations, including BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Essex, BBC Norfolk, BBC Northampton, BBC Suffolk, BBC Three Counties, BBC Lincolnshire, BBC Humberside, BBC Ulster, BBC Lancashire, BBC Cumbria, BBC Newcastle, BBC Tees, BBC Three Counties, BBC Suffolk, and BBC Norfolk. These stations discussed the research findings, provided decluttering tips, and highlighted the benefits of Dr. Beckmann’s multi-surface cleaning sheets.
      • Radio Networks: Broad coverage on Absolute Radio, Capital Network, Heart Network, and others.
      • Local and Regional Media: Additional mentions in various regional outlets, contributing to the widespread reach.