Little Book: Nathan, Jo and Shirley

Little Book – Little Book was able to create a special moment on BBC Breakfast

Meet Nathan Morris and Jo Banham, two talented dancers from a quaint dance school in Northampton. Little did they know, their passion for dance would lead to an unforgettable moment captured on camera during an event in Blackpool, Lancashire.

The magic began when their mesmerising performance went viral across various social media platforms, quickly grabbing the attention of mainstream media outlets.

Little Book’s was able to connect media with the renowned Strictly Head Judge, Shirley Ballas, who was deeply moved by Nathan and Jo’s talent. In a heartwarming gesture, Shirley Ballas recorded a special video message for Nathan and Jo, leaving them in awe on the famous red sofa.

But the surprises didn’t end there. Little Book decided to take things a step further by arranging an exclusive VIP meet and greet for Nathan with not only Shirley Ballas but also Bobby Brazier, all amidst the glamorous backdrop of the Strictly tour. This extraordinary encounter was captured on film by Be Broadcast and presented to BBC Breakfast, adding a touch of glamour to their morning show.

Watch Shirley’s video message here –

Watch the meet and greet here –

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