Costa Coffee - Munch Like Monarchy


Costa Coffee ‘s ‘Munch like Monarchy’ campaign faced the challenge of preparing its colleagues across the country for the influx of regal-minded customers during the coronation. They aimed to enhance the dining experience by ensuring their colleagues were well-equipped with proper correct royal etiquette knowledge and skills.


Costa Coffee collaborated with William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette expert, to tackle the challenge head-on. They developed a comprehensive training program that covered essential aspects of dining etiquette, including cutlery placement, napkin folding, and proper serving techniques.

The training program included interactive sessions led by William Hanson, where Costa Coffee colleagues learned the intricacies of royal dining etiquette. They received guidance on how to create a refined and regal atmosphere for customers, aligning with the grandeur of the coronation.

To complement the training program, Costa Coffee introduced a special edition Coronation Chicken Toastie to their menu, paying homage to the historic event. This addition allowed customers to indulge in a regally-inspired culinary delight while experiencing impeccable service with proper etiquette.


The collaboration between Costa Coffee and William Hanson resulted in significant broadcast coverage and a wide reach. Key results included:

  • Total Number of Opportunities: 134
  • Total Reach of Opportunities: 23,879,000
  • Coverage in prominent media outlets: Such as BBC Hereford and Worcester, SFM, Proper Sport, Gaydio Breakfast, Meridian, Gateway, BBC Lancashire, WCR, NVTV, and many more. The wide coverage provided an extensive platform to educate the public about proper dining etiquette and Costa Coffee’s efforts for the coronation.
  • Diverse audiences : Coverage reached various regions, with listenership numbers ranging from thousands to millions. Notable coverage included BBC Hereford and Worcester (92,000 reach), Capital London (1,631,000 reach), Heart East (1,154,000 reach), Heart London (1,807,000 reach), Heart South (1,155,000 reach), Heart West (894,000 reach), and Heart Yorkshire (842,000 reach), among others.

These results demonstrate the success of Costa Coffee’s collaboration with William Hanson in raising awareness and educating the public about proper dining etiquette. The extensive coverage and wide reach allowed Costa Coffee to effectively promote their commitment to excellence in the dining experience, positioning themselves as a leader in the industry.

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