Mr Fothergills Seeds - Empowering UK Salad Solutions with TV Gardener David Domoney


The challenge in this case study was to empower UK Salad Solutions by addressing the barriers and lack of confidence preventing people from engaging in gardening and growing their own plants, fruits, and vegetables. The objective was to inspire individuals to overcome these obstacles and embrace the therapeutic, well-being, and skill-building benefits of gardening, in collaboration with Mr Fothergills Seeds. 

empowering UK Salad Solutions to tackle the UK salad shortage


To tackle the challenge, Be Broadcast, in collaboration with TV Gardener David Domoney and Mr Fothergills Seeds, took the following actions:

  1. Research and Data Analysis: Be Broadcast conducted research in partnership with Mr Fothergills, a family business specialising in seeds production. The research surveyed 2,000 UK adults to identify barriers and attitudes towards gardening and growing their own produce.
  2. Media Outreach: Be Broadcast facilitated media coverage and interviews with David Domoney and representatives from Mr Fothergills Seeds. The aim was to share insights from the research, discuss the impact of the UK salad shortage, and provide guidance and advice on gardening and growing plants using Mr Fothergills Seeds.
  3. Inspiring Confidence: Through interviews and discussions, David Domoney and Mr Fothergills Seeds aimed to inspire individuals, challenge misconceptions, and boost confidence by highlighting the therapeutic benefits, nurturing experience, and skill-building opportunities that gardening offers.


  • Media Coverage: The campaign garnered extensive coverage with interviews on BBC Wiltshire, BBC Solent, Gateway – Essex, BBC Guernsey, BBC Somerset, BBC Three Counties, and various other outlets, reaching a wide audience of 5,884,000.
  • Increased Awareness: The case study raised awareness about the interest in gardening among the UK population and addressed common barriers such as space limitations and lack of knowledge and confidence, while promoting the availability of quality seeds from Mr Fothergills.
  • Confidence Building: Through David Domoney’s guidance and advice, supported by Mr Fothergills Seeds, the campaign aimed to boost confidence among individuals, encouraging them to explore gardening and embrace the benefits of sowing and growing their own plants using Mr Fothergills Seeds.

The collaborative efforts by Be Broadcast, David Domoney, and Mr Fothergills Seeds resulted in significant outcomes in promoting gardening and sowing and growing skills.

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