Loved Canned Food - Rethinking Canned vs. Fresh Foods

In an era where the debate between the nutritional and taste value of canned versus fresh foods continues, a groundbreaking study commissioned by Love Canned Food has sparked a notable shift in consumer perception. Spearheaded by renowned TV Chef Dean Edwards, this campaign delves into the practical, economical, and gustatory benefits of incorporating canned foods into daily diets.

Campaign Overview:

The campaign centers on a comprehensive study conducted with 504 participants, focusing on the comparison between dishes prepared with canned and fresh ingredients. The study’s pivotal findings reveal a surprising preference for canned ingredients in traditional recipes, challenging longstanding culinary norms.

Key Findings:

  • An astonishing 79% of participants showed a preference for pasta bake recipes made with canned ingredients, while 61% favored chicken and mushroom pie prepared similarly.
  • Despite this, fresh versions of roast potatoes and beef chilli retained their popularity, with 83% and 65% of preferences, respectively.
  • The study underscored canned food’s potential in reducing household food waste, with a shelf life extending up to five years, and highlighted significant cost savings, averaging 50p per item, underscoring the economic advantage during the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

Campaign Impact:

  • Total Reach: Garnering a total reach of over 7.6 million across 30 media opportunities, the campaign successfully engaged a wide audience, raising awareness on the versatility and benefits of canned foods.
  • Engagement: Engaging discussions were stimulated across various platforms, including prominent broadcasts on Talk TV, Talk Radio, and BBC regional stations, significantly promoting the Love Canned Food campaign.
  • Public Reaction: The campaign ignited a reevaluation of canned foods amongst consumers, encouraging a more inclusive approach towards incorporating these items into everyday meals for convenience, taste, and nutritional value.


“Can-ventional Wisdom: Rethinking Canned vs. Fresh Foods,” led by Dean Edwards, brings to light the underestimated value of canned foods in modern culinary practices. Through engaging outreach and compelling evidence from the study, the campaign effectively challenges preconceived notions about canned food, presenting it as a viable, delicious, and economical alternative to fresh ingredients. It encourages consumers to explore the convenience and variety that canned foods offer, particularly in a time when household budgets are stretched thin.

As society continues to navigate the intricacies of nutrition, taste, and economic efficiency, this campaign stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of food consumption preferences, inviting a broader dialogue on sustainable and accessible dietary choices.