JustGiving - Launching The JustGivers Network


The cost-of-living crisis and lack of confidence were identified as key barriers preventing people from supporting charities and good causes.

Be Broadcast and JustGiving faced the challenge of encouraging individuals to overcome these hesitations and to actively participate in fundraising activities.


Be Broadcast worked closely with JustGiving to develop a series of inspiring case studies to motivate and engage individuals. By highlighting the exceptional achievements of fundraisers, the agency aimed to inspire others to take action and address the cost-of-living crisis through community support.

Campaign Highlights:

  1. Community Impact: The case studies featured individuals such as Gary McKee, Margaret Stretton, Manny Kang, Max Brown, Nick Gardner, and others who embarked on extraordinary fundraising journeys. Their efforts showcased the power of community action and inspired others to make a difference.
  2. TV and Radio Exposure: The case studies received extensive coverage on TV outlets, including, and were featured on big hitting radio stations. This widespread media exposure amplified the reach and impact of the campaign, spreading the message of community support and fundraising.
  3. Addressing Hesitations: Be Broadcast highlighted the hesitations individuals face when considering fundraising, such as concerns about financial struggles, self-doubt, and misconceptions about fundraising. By addressing these concerns and providing guidance, the campaign aimed to empower individuals to overcome barriers and start their fundraising journeys.


  • The collaboration between Be Broadcast and JustGiving generated significant media attention and engagement.
  • The case studies were featured on prominent TV outlets, including BBC London TV, BBC Scotland TV, and GB News, reaching a wide audience and inspiring viewers to take action. They also received coverage on popular radio shows such as Heart Breakfast Show with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, BBC London Radio, BBC Radio Scotland, and BBC Three Counties.
  • The campaign garnered extensive exposure across various media platforms, including the Global News Network, Sky News Radio, BBC Asian Network, Greatest Hits Radio, and many more. These media outlets played a crucial role in amplifying the reach of the case studies, spreading awareness, and inspiring individuals to make a difference in their communities.

The remarkable achievements of fundraisers supported by JustGiving and Be Broadcast were widely celebrated and recognised by a diverse range of media outlets. The coverage on these big hitting platforms contributed to the overall success of the campaign, inspiring others to overcome hesitations and actively participate in fundraising efforts.

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