LaserHQ - Saying Ta-Ta to Tattoos

In an insightful campaign that captured widespread attention, Helen Quayle, a leading tattoo removal expert and founder of LaserHQ, spearheaded an initiative to shed light on the growing trend of tattoo removal in the UK. With an impressive reach that culminated in a significant feature on BBC World News, the campaign titled “Saying Ta-Ta to Tattoos” delved into the reasons why an increasing number of Brits are reconsidering their ink.

Campaign Overview:

The “Saying Ta-Ta to Tattoos” campaign aimed to explore the complex relationship between individuals and their tattoos, uncovering the motivations behind the rising interest in tattoo removal. Through comprehensive research, LaserHQ revealed compelling statistics about tattoo regret, societal and familial pressures, and the impact of tattoos on professional life.

Key Messages:

  • Rising Tattoo Regret: The campaign highlighted that 52% of young adults between 20 and 30 experience tattoo regret, with 43% of tattooed individuals facing negative reactions from their families.
  • Generational Divide and Workplace Concerns: A significant 10% of individuals reported that their tattoos impacted their job opportunities, emphasizing the tension between personal expression and professional expectations.
  • Influential Factors for Removal: Design dissatisfaction, fading, and blurring of tattoos, as well as personal changes like breaking up with a partner, were cited as primary reasons for considering tattoo removal.

Media Engagement:

  • The campaign’s message was amplified through 19 opportunities, reaching an astounding total audience of over 1.5 billion. This extensive coverage included local radio stations and culminated in a feature on BBC World News, significantly enhancing the campaign’s visibility and impact.

Campaign Impact:

  • Increased Awareness: The campaign successfully raised awareness about the implications of impulsive tattoo decisions and the possibilities of removal, encouraging individuals to think more carefully about their ink.
  • Educational Outreach: By discussing the reasons behind tattoo regret and the removal process, the campaign educated the public on the permanence of tattoos and the importance of careful consideration before getting inked.
  • Promotion of LaserHQ’s Expertise: The widespread media attention, especially the feature on BBC World News, not only highlighted the issue of tattoo regret but also positioned LaserHQ as a leading authority in tattoo removal solutions.


LaserHQ’s “Saying Ta-Ta to Tattoos” campaign successfully tapped into a significant cultural shift regarding tattoos and their permanence. By combining revealing research with extensive media engagement, the campaign not only sparked nationwide discussions on the topic but also provided valuable insights and solutions for those experiencing tattoo regret. The feature on BBC World News served as a testament to the campaign’s relevance and Helen Quayle’s expertise, further solidifying LaserHQ’s reputation in the field of tattoo removal.

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