Kalms - Does Constant Bad News Scare Us?


Put your hand up if you never want to hear the word ‘unprecedented’ again. You are certainly not alone, that’s why Be Broadcast teamed up with Kalms, on its ‘Kalmfulness’ campaign.

In the last few years, we have lived through significant history-defining moments – the pandemic, political fallouts, war in Europe, cost-of-living, the energy crisis – the list is almost too long to mention.

And the reality is that it has had an impact on the way that we feel.


Be Broadcast was tasked with helping herbal medicinal products, Kalms, shine a light on Kalmfulness Week – a moment in time for us to take stock, put our worries into perspective, and remember to look after ourselves.

Building on the fact that many recoil at news alerts on our phones, we researched whether or not Brits were turning the other way to breaking news. We explored how this impacted them as knock-on effects, too – including how it damaged sleep. Finally, to find a ‘moving the conversation on’ angle, we floated the idea to Brits about potentially moving the established 10 O Clock News earlier – so people weren’t going to bed worried.

For many, a story like this could have been seen as ‘woke’ or ‘snowflakey’ – perhaps a sign that people can’t cope with the news. To counter this, we brought in psychotherapist Charlotte Armitage, who revealed how in many cases, those who ‘avoid’ the news tend to be happier.


This led us perfectly into campaign messaging – Kalmfulness – which could positively affect us, however much news we digest.

  • Media outlets: Charlotte conveyed this messaging effectively across TalkTV, GB News, London Live, BBC Leeds, Jersey, Wiltshire, Guernsey, Solent, Merseyside, and more.

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