Joie & Manchester City - Launch of the First Dedicated Women's Football Stadium

In a landmark moment for women’s football in the UK, Joie, a baby gear brand, partnered with Manchester City to unveil the first dedicated stadium for women’s football. Named the JOIE Stadium, this initiative marks a significant step in elevating the profile and infrastructure of women’s football.

Challenge: The primary challenge was to highlight the importance of this development in the women’s game, which has historically been overshadowed by men’s football in terms of facilities and commercial deals.

Action: The opening ceremony for the JOIE Stadium included a ribbon-cutting event and was supported by interviews with key figures such as Steph Houghton, Chloe Kelly, and Demi Stokes from Manchester City, along with David Welsh of Joie and Gavin Makel of Manchester City Women. The campaign included:

  • Media Engagement: Interviews were arranged with national broadcasters like BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News, and Channel 5 News, ensuring widespread coverage.
  • Public Awareness: The event aimed to draw attention to the growing commercial and cultural significance of women’s football in the UK.

Impact: The launch of the JOIE Stadium was a resounding success, achieving significant media coverage and public attention. Key impacts include:

  1. Increased Visibility: The dedicated stadium for women’s football received national attention, highlighting the growing importance of the sport.
  2. Commercial Milestone: The partnership with Joie represented a breakthrough in commercial deals for women’s football, setting a precedent for future sponsorships.
  3. Cultural Significance: The event marked a cultural shift, emphasizing the increasing equality and recognition of women’s sports.

Results: The campaign reached millions through various media outlets, with interviews on BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News, and other major broadcasters. It successfully raised awareness about the new stadium and the progress in women’s football.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Joie and Manchester City, culminating in the JOIE Stadium, represents a historic moment in women’s football. This case study demonstrates the impact of infrastructure and commercial support in elevating women’s sports, inspiring similar developments in the future.

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