Greene King: Jason Robinson's Campaign for Sportsmanship

Greene King collaborated with Rugby legend Jason Robinson OBE to promote sportsmanship and respect in sports and daily interactions, particularly focusing on the behaviour towards staff at sporting events.

The Challenge:

  • To address the growing concern over unsportsmanlike conduct in sports and the lack of manners in public spaces, particularly in pubs.
  • To utilise the Rugby World Cup as a platform to promote positive behaviour.

The Approach:

  • Conducted a survey to understand public opinion on sportsmanship in various sports, with an emphasis on Rugby.
  • Organised an event with Jason Robinson OBE at a pub in St Helens to discuss the importance of manners in sports and everyday life.


  • The survey found Rugby to be viewed as the sport with the highest level of sportsmanship, with Rugby players being the most respected athletes.
  • Public identified key unsportsmanlike behaviours, including not shaking hands and arguing with umpires, and rude behaviours in pubs like clicking fingers at staff.
  • The campaign highlighted the need for sportsmanship both on and off the field and in everyday interactions.


Greene King’s initiative with Jason Robinson OBE successfully raised awareness about the importance of sportsmanship and good manners. The campaign resonated well with the public, drawing parallels between sportsmanship in Rugby and respectful behaviour in daily life.

For More Information:

This case study serves as an example of how sports personalities can effectively collaborate with brands to promote positive social messages. The Greene King and Jason Robinson OBE campaign underscores the significance of respectful behaviour in all aspects of life.

Results Summary:

Broadcast Coverage for Greene King:

  • Total Opportunities: 61
  • Total Reach: 15,802,000

Key Highlights:

  • Jason Robinson OBE spoke about Rugby sportsmanship at various media outlets, emphasising the respect and manners inherent in the sport.
  • The campaign received extensive media coverage, including on platforms like BBC Sport, Sky News Sports, and LBC, reaching millions of viewers and listeners.

Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign successfully leveraged Jason Robinson’s reputation and the Rugby World Cup to highlight important social issues.
  • By addressing the behaviour towards staff at sporting events, the campaign extended its message beyond the sports field.
  • The initiative received significant media attention, demonstrating the public’s interest in themes of respect and sportsmanship.