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The Interflora World Cup of Flowers 2023, a globally renowned event in the floristry world, brought together top floral designers for a competition in Manchester. The event, known for its intense competition and creativity, was a significant occasion for the UK, which has a strong history of wins in the competition.

Challenge: To promote the World Cup of Flowers, an event less well-known than major sports or entertainment events, and to garner widespread media attention and public interest.

Action: Interflora utilized various media outlets to spread awareness about the event. Key personalities involved were Elizabeth Newcombe (UK’s entrant and RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winner), Karen Barnes (Judge), and Per Benjamin (Presenter and 2002 winner). The campaign focused on the competitiveness and unique aspects of the event, highlighting the UK’s strong track record and the need for public support for their entrant.

Broadcast Coverage: The event received significant coverage across various platforms:

  • Total Number of Opportunities: 107
  • Total Reach of Opportunities: 22,386,000

Key Media Outlets and Reach:

  • BBC Radio 2: National reach of 13,456,000
  • Greatest Hits Radio: Various regions with substantial reach
  • BBC local stations: Coverage across multiple areas including Jersey, Leeds, Sheffield, Kent, etc.
  • Extensive coverage in local and national radio stations, with specific mentions of Interflora, the competitiveness of the World Cup, ticket availability, and the event’s website.

Impact: The campaign achieved:

  1. Widespread Awareness: Significant media coverage enhanced the event’s visibility and prestige.
  2. Public Engagement: Encouraged public interest and support for the UK entrant, Elizabeth Newcombe.
  3. Ticket Sales: Prominent mentions of ticket availability and the event’s website likely boosted attendance.
  4. Reinforcement of Interflora’s Brand: The association with a high-profile, creative event strengthened Interflora’s position in the market.

The Interflora World Cup of Flowers 2023 campaign successfully captured public and media attention, showcasing the artistry and competitiveness of floral design. The extensive broadcast coverage across national and regional outlets not only promoted the event but also reinforced Interflora’s brand as a leader in the floral industry.

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