Hisense - Spring Cleaning Campaign with Kim Woodburn!

An eye-opening 1 million Brits embrace a “birthday suit” strategy for spring cleaning, giving a cheeky side to chores that’s bound to turn heads and spark lively debates.

A staggering 20% of respondents admit they would rather splurge on a brand-new oven than tackle the grime of their current one, highlighting a throwaway culture that prompts a serious discussion on sustainability vs. convenience.

Sweet Rewards: With 21% of cleaners rewarding their hard work with chocolate, this stat not only reveals the lengths we go to for motivation but also positions chocolate as the unsung hero of household chores, inviting discussions on the quirky incentives behind our cleaning habits.

Leading the charge in home conflicts, 17% report that cleaning the bathroom is the most likely chore to cause arguments, offering a humorous yet insightful peek into the domestic dynamics that fuel family feuds over cleanliness.

Spring cleaning is upon us, darlings, and would not you know it, we Brits have our peculiar ways of tackling the filth. A cheeky peek into our spring-cleaning habits reveals everything from the skirmishes with our treacherous appliances to the delightful rewards we cheekily grant ourselves for battling through the muck. Kim Woodburn, the OG queen of clean herself, might say, “Love, it’s a madhouse!”

The campaign received extensive media coverage, reaching a broad audience through various radio platforms.

The campaign was featured on multiple national and regional BBC radio stations, ensuring the message reached millions of listeners across the UK.

The campaign was extensively covered by regional BBC stations, including:

BBC Cumbria – Reach: 85,000

BBC Newcastle – Reach: 214,000

BBC Tees – Reach: 100,000

BBC Somerset – Reach: 55,000

BBC Bristol – Reach: 78,000

BBC Gloucestershire – Reach: 49,000

BBC Wiltshire – Reach: 89,000

BBC Swindon – Reach: 80,000

BBC Cambridgeshire – Reach: 67,000

BBC Norfolk – Reach: 131,000

BBC Northampton – Reach: 70,000

BBC Suffolk – Reach: 97,000

BBC Three-Counties – Reach: 125,000

The Hisense Spring Cleaning campaign successfully highlighted the quirky and humorous aspects of Brits’ cleaning habits. By offering practical solutions like self-cleaning ovens and emphasising the convenience and quality of Hisense products, the campaign provided a tangible benefit for families looking to make spring cleaning a breeze.

The campaign’s comprehensive media strategy enabled it to reach a total audience of over 6.5 million. The qualitative feedback from media outlets and listeners underscores the campaign’s success in resonating with the public and effectively communicating the benefits of Hisense products.

The partnership with Kim Woodburn added credibility and appeal to the campaign, highlighting Hisense’s commitment to supporting its customers in maintaining clean and happy homes. This collaboration showcased how strategic media engagement and innovative solutions could address critical household challenges and provide real value to the community.

The Hisense Spring Cleaning campaign exemplifies how businesses can combine humour with practicality to make a significant impact, ensuring that spring cleaning is not just a chore, but an enjoyable and rewarding experience.