Hiscox - World Poetry Day

In celebration of World Poetry Day, Hiscox, a leading global insurance provider, embarked on an innovative campaign featuring the iconic punk poet, Dr. John Cooper Clarke, as the world’s first insurance underwriter in residence. The campaign aimed to merge the worlds of poetry and insurance, highlighting the importance of small business insurance through creatively crafted poems inspired by real insurance claims.

  • Highlighting the creative partnership with John Cooper Clarke to bring attention to the often overlooked significance of business insurance.
  • Showcasing unusual and unpredictable insurance claims through engaging and humorous poetry.
  • Raising awareness about the high percentage of UK businesses that lack insurance and the importance of being prepared for unforeseen events.
  • The campaign garnered extensive media attention, achieving coverage across numerous radio platforms.

BBC 5 Live featured the campaign, with an impressive reach of over 5.5 million listeners, discussing the collaboration with John Cooper Clarke and the unique approach to promoting insurance awareness.

The campaign received significant airtime on regional BBC radio stations, including BBC Ulster/Foyle, BBC Somerset, BBC Bristol, BBC Gloucester, BBC Wiltshire, and BBC Swindon, among others. Each station shared John Cooper Clarke’s poetic renditions and Hiscox’s innovative approach, reaching a combined audience of millions.

The Hiscox World Poetry Day campaign successfully highlighted the necessity of small business insurance through an engaging and creative medium. Dr. John Cooper Clarke’s poems, based on real and often bizarre insurance claims, captivated audiences and brought a fresh perspective to the importance of being insured.

The campaign’s multi-faceted media strategy allowed it to connect with a broad audience base, with a total reach of over 12.3 million through various broadcast opportunities. The qualitative feedback from media outlets and listeners underscores the campaign’s success in making the topic of insurance more approachable and memorable.

Moreover, the campaign’s innovative approach not only brought attention to Hiscox’s offerings but also provided a platform for discussing the broader issue of business preparedness in a unique and engaging way. This collaboration between Hiscox and Dr. John Cooper Clarke showcases the potential of creative partnerships in delivering important messages to the public.