Duracell - Take 10, Tell 10


Be Broadcast collaborated with Duracell to address the lack of awareness surrounding the risks of lithium coin batteries and their potential harm to children. The challenge was to educate parents, caregivers, and healthcare practitioners about the dangers these batteries pose and motivate them to take proactive measures to prevent accidents.


To tackle the challenge, Be Broadcast implemented a targeted PR campaign by firstly conducting comprehensive research on hidden battery risk, which uncovered alarming statistics related tochild ingestion accidents. It also revealed that there was low awareness amongst the target audience of parents and care-givers of the safety features.

These insights formed the foundation of the campaign’s #Take10, Tell Ten messaging, urging parents to spend 10 minutes examining their homes for accessible battery-powered devices and share this crucial information with at least ten others. The campaign emphasised the power of peer advice and encouraged parents to spread the word about the risks of lithium coin batteries.


The PR campaign led by Be Broadcast successfully raised awareness of hidden battery risks and achieved impactful results, including:

  1. Media Reach: The campaign generated a significant reach, with an overarching figure of 548m. This extensive media coverage allowed the campaign’s message to reach a wide audience, raising awareness among parents, caregivers, and the general public.
  2. Opportunities: The campaign secured interviews and features in various outlets, including Essex-based and Wolverhampton-based stations, as well as Sky News Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, and other prominent radio networks. These opportunities enabled in-depth discussions and increased exposure for the campaign’s key messages.
  3. Media Engagement: Be Broadcast’s campaign sparked conversations and media engagement around the topic of hidden battery risks. The interviews and features provided an opportunity to address important questions, educate the audience about the dangers, and provide actionable advice to parents and caregivers.

By leveraging targeted PR strategies, Be Broadcast effectively raised awareness about hidden battery risks and motivated parents to take preventative measures. The campaign’s powerful messaging, supported by compelling statistics, successfully conveyed the urgent need to address this often overlooked danger.

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