Arla - Help Our Hedges


Hedgerows are crucial habitats for wildlife in the UK, and have been in decline since World War II, resulting in the loss of numerous plant and animal species. However, most individuals are unaware of this decline and the impact it has on biodiversity. The People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Arla are determined to address this issue and collaborated with Be Broadcast to encourage individuals to take action at home.


Be Broadcast launched an inspiring initiative aimed at empowering individuals to create wildlife-friendly gardens and green spaces, regardless of land ownership. The experienced broadcast team filmed, edited, and produced a captivating video package featuring climate scientist and presenter James Stewart, journalist Elizabeth McLaughlin from Farmers Guardian, and Herefordshire farmer, Oliver Williams. The video package highlighted the importance of hedgerows, providing practical tips for the viewer’s own space, and showcasing the partnership’s mission.


  • Be Broadcast’s video package received extensive coverage through multiple media outlets, reaching a wide audience and raising awareness about the decline of hedgerows and the importance of protecting biodiversity. The campaign generated a total of 30 opportunities for coverage and achieved an overall reach of 321,336,000.
  • Media outlets that featured the video package include prominent channels such as BBC World Service, Newsround, Sky News TV, BBC News Channel, and BBC Radio 4. The coverage extended to various regional outlets, including Capital Oxfordshire, Heart Oxfordshire, Smooth Oxfordshire, SFM Kent, Big City Radio Birmingham, BBC Derby, Activity Quest Podcast, WCR Wolverhampton, BBC Lancashire, BBC Gloucester, Unity 101, and BBC Merseyside.

The collaboration between Arla, the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, and Be Broadcast continues to inspire individuals to take practical steps to promote biodiversity, such as gradually raising and widening hedge cuts, caring for hedgerow trees, trimming hedges in late winter, and adopting rotational cutting. The campaign successfully engaged millions of people, generating a significant impact in spreading awareness and encouraging action to protect hedgerows and support wildlife.


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