Wise - Royal Academy of Scamatic Arts


  • Context: The UK faces a rising tide of scams, with 28% of the population falling victim in the past year.
  • Problem: Scammers impersonating authorities and using advanced technology are causing significant financial and emotional distress.
  • Findings:
    • 41% of the UK population encountered a scam in the past year.
    • 68% of scam victims reported anxiety and distress.
    • 24% of people take no measures to safeguard against scams.
    • 60% worry that advances in AI will make scams harder to detect.


  • Partnership: Collaboration between Tony Sales, a former fraudster now dedicated to fraud prevention, and Wise, a financial crime prevention group.
  • Objective: Raise awareness and provide practical steps to protect against scams.
  • Strategy:
    • Conducted extensive research on scam impacts and behaviours.
    • Tony Sales shared his unique insights and practical advice through various media channels.
    • Emphasised the importance of recognising red flags and taking preventive measures.
    • Promoted Wise’s resources for scam prevention and education.


  • Media Coverage:
    • Achieved 17 media hits.
    • Total reach of 2,240,000.
    • Coverage included major outlets such as:
      • BBC Regional Stations: Extensive coverage across BBC Ulster, BBC Merseyside, BBC Manchester, BBC Lancashire, BBC Cumbria, BBC Swindon, BBC Wiltshire, BBC Somerset, BBC Gloucestershire, BBC Bristol, BBC Sussex, BBC Kent, and BBC Surrey. These stations discussed the research findings, provided scam prevention tips, and highlighted Wise’s educational resources.