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As we gear up for an epic summer of sport, a surprising trend is emerging: most football fans are choosing to watch games from the comfort of their sofas instead of braving the often-rowdy pub experience. The rowdy and often disruptive behaviour of fellow pub-goers has driven 88% of fans to avoid pubs altogether for the comfort of home.

  • 72% of football fans prefer watching games at home, while only 21% plan to go to pubs this summer.
  • 88% of pub-going fans avoid pubs due to bad behaviour, including non-stop rubbish talk (41%) and aggressive actions (33%).
  • Regional breakdown shows a consistent preference for home viewing across the UK.


Enter The Quiet Lion, a new pub concept designed to tackle fan frustrations. In collaboration with Roku and pundit Chris Sutton, the trial took place at The Porter and Sorter in London. The Quiet Lion offered all the social benefits of watching in a pub, minus the distractions. Thanks to Headphone Mode, fans get an uninterrupted audio stream of the game. This setup aims to balance the camaraderie of a pub with a focused viewing environment.

  • Trialled The Quiet Lion pub experience to offer a distraction-free environment.
  • Featured Headphone Mode for uninterrupted game audio.
  • Partnered with Chris Sutton to shed light on the Euros and enhance the viewing experience.


The initiative saw significant media coverage and positive reception from fans, highlighting the potential for improved pub environments to draw fans back.

  • 84% of fans would return to pubs if the environment improved, with suggestions like more bar staff and designated quiet zones.
  • Delivered extensive media coverage, reaching an audience of over 5 million.

Media Coverage Highlights:

  • Sky Sports News: 3,700,000 reach
  • BBC Radio Stations:
    • BBC Bristol: 47,000 reach
    • BBC Gloucestershire: 47,000 reach
    • BBC Somerset: 56,000 reach
    • BBC Wiltshire: 70,000 reach
    • BBC Sheffield: 135,000 reach
    • BBC Leeds: 156,000 reach
    • BBC York: 54,000 reach
    • BBC Cambridgeshire: 74,000 reach
    • BBC Essex: 139,000 reach
    • BBC Norfolk: 113,000 reach
    • BBC Northampton: 75,000 reach
    • BBC Suffolk: 76,000 reach
    • BBC Three Counties Radio: 99,000 reach
  • Express FM: 140,000 reach
  • Gateway Radio: 70,000 reach

Total Reach: 5,051,000