Farmhouse Inns - Chips vs. Roasties on the Christmas Dinner

Farmhouse Inns, alongside GB Potatoes, sought to stir the pot on the evolving traditions of the quintessential British Christmas dinner. This collaboration aimed to spotlight the debate surrounding the place of chips, Yorkshire puddings, and roast potatoes on the festive table.


  • To spark a national conversation regarding traditional versus contemporary Christmas dinner elements.
  • To highlight the trend of including chips in Christmas dinners across the UK.
  • To explore regional preferences for Yorkshire puddings and gravy, showcasing a shift in festive dining habits.
  • To celebrate the versatility and cherished status of potatoes within British cuisine.


Leveraging the expertise of Euan Grewar, a seasoned potato farmer and director of GB Potatoes, the campaign embarked on a mission to engage the public in a dialogue about the role of various potato dishes in Christmas celebrations. Through a series of surveys, media engagements, and public debates, “Crispy Controversy” aimed to delve into the hearts (and stomachs) of the British public.


Media Engagement
  • National Coverage: The campaign achieved extensive coverage across national news channels and radio stations, facilitating a broad discussion on changing Christmas dinner traditions.
  • Regional Spotlight: By featuring on BBC Regional Stations and local networks, the campaign encouraged community-level conversations about festive food preferences, bolstered by insights from Euan Grewar.
Public Engagement
  • A OnePoll survey of 2,000 individuals in October 2023 highlighted key statistics, such as 10% of Brits engaging in debates over roast potatoes, and over 2 million opting for chips with their Christmas dinner.
  • The campaign also shed light on the “pudding predicament” and the growing acceptance of gravy and cheese on potatoes across different regions, further fuelling the debate on traditional vs. contemporary festive dishes.


  • Culinary Controversy Ignited: The campaign successfully sparked a nationwide discourse, challenging conventional norms and embracing the diversity of modern Christmas dinners.
  • Media Triumph: Achieving significant coverage in both national and regional media, “Crispy Controversy” brought the debate into living rooms across the UK, fostering lively discussions and varying opinions.
  • A Celebration of Potatoes: Beyond the debates, the campaign underscored the enduring love for potatoes, highlighting their central role in British holiday cuisine.

Additional Notes

  • To commemorate the nation’s love for roast potatoes, Farmhouse Inns introduced limited edition Bovril roasties for Christmas Day bookings.
  • The “Carvery vs. Cake” festive game launched by Farmhouse Inns offers patrons the chance to win £5,000 among other prizes, adding an interactive element to the campaign.


The “Crispy Controversy” campaign by Farmhouse Inns and GB Potatoes exemplifies the dynamic nature of British culinary traditions, especially during the festive season. By engaging with a wide audience and sparking debate, this initiative not only celebrates the versatility of potatoes but also highlights the evolving preferences of the British public, making a substantial contribution to the ongoing conversation about Christmas dinner in the UK.