Epilepsy Action - Breaking The Public Seizure Stigma


Epilepsy Action, in collaboration with Be Broadcast, aimed to combat public seizure stigma and raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with epilepsy. The task was to secure media interviews, coverage, and encourage public engagement to amplify the campaign’s message and drive positive change.


To address this challenge, Be Broadcast implemented a strategic PR campaign based on thorough research and insights. The campaign strategy included message development, multi-stakeholder engagement, and integrated communications to maximise reach and engagement. Epilepsy Action also gathered compelling case studies to further emphasise the impact of public seizures.


The strategic PR campaign achieved outstanding results, generating significant media coverage, positive feedback, and increased support. Key results include:

  1. Total Media Coverage: The campaign garnered 1,178 pieces of coverage across broadcast, print, and online platforms, ensuring extensive reach and visibility.
  2. Total Reach: The campaign achieved a remarkable reach of 2,144,901,216 across 1,174 opportunities, showcasing the wide dissemination of the campaign’s message and the engagement it generated.
  3. Positive Feedback and Support: The campaign received positive feedback and endorsement from supporters and social media users, demonstrating the resonance and impact of the messaging across a wide range of audiences.
  4. Social Media Engagement: The campaign’s organic social media posts across platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, generated substantial engagement, such as likes, comments, shares, and video views.
  5. Donations: The campaign successfully prompted an increase in donations, showcasing the impact and engagement it had with the audience.
  6. Website Traffic: The campaign led to a significant increase in website traffic, with a 25% spike on the broadcast day and a notable increase during the BBC Breakfast interview.
  7. Media Interviews and Coverage: Epilepsy Action representatives were featured in prominent media outlets, including BBC Breakfast, national radio stations, and regional broadcasts, ensuring extensive coverage and opportunities to discuss the campaign’s objectives and raise public awareness.

The PR campaign between Epilepsy Action and Be Broadcast resulted in remarkable media success.

It achieved its objectives of raising awareness, challenging misconceptions, and fostering empathy and support for individuals with epilepsy.

Through widespread media coverage, positive feedback, and increased public engagement, the campaign made a significant impact on public perception, behavior, and support for individuals with epilepsy.


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