AV Room: EFL Finals

In the last month, AV Room was tasked with managing the comprehensive coverage of three significant events in the English Football League (EFL): the League One, League Two, and Championship play-off finals. These finals are crucial as they determine which teams get promoted to higher divisions, adding immense value and stakes to the matches.


The primary objectives for AV Room were:

  1. To film and capture high-quality footage of the finals.
  2. To edit the content to meet broadcast standards.
  3. To distribute and deliver the edited content to various TV and online media outlets promptly and efficiently.



AV Room deployed state-of-the-art filming equipment and experienced crews to Wembley Stadium, ensuring that all aspects of the finals were captured comprehensively. This included multiple camera angles, slow-motion replays, and in-depth coverage of key moments such as goals, pivotal plays, and crowd reactions.


Post-match, the editing team at AV Room worked meticulously to produce engaging and dynamic highlights packages. These edits were designed to cater to different platforms, ensuring suitability for both traditional TV broadcasts and various online formats.


AV Room coordinated with several media outlets to ensure that the content was delivered in the correct formats and within the required timeframes. This involved:

  • Direct broadcasting feeds to TV channels.
  • Edited highlights and full match replays for online streaming platforms.
  • Social media snippets for engagement on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


The successful execution of these tasks resulted in widespread coverage of the EFL play-off finals. The content reached millions of viewers across different media channels, providing fans with comprehensive access to the games. The efficiency and quality of AV Room’s work ensured that the finals were broadcast seamlessly, enhancing viewer experience and engagement.