Duracell - Find Button Batteries


As the number of everyday gadgets such as digital watches, thermometers, key fobs, and remote controls in our homes increases, Be Broadcast teamed up with Duracell to help consumers find dangerous batteries.

The number of serious child ingestion accidents of button batteries is on the rise, in fact, over the last two decades, a sevenfold increase in severe illnesses due to button battery ingestions has been reported.

Button batteries can be fatal if ingested. Despite these dangers, research conducted by Duracell, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, found that over half (53%) of parents have a button battery lying around the house that isn’t in a deliberate place (e.g., old ones left loose in a drawer) and almost a quarter (24%) of parents have even admitted to catching their children playing with a loose battery at home.


Be Broadcast and Duracell teamed up to shine a light on the importance of finding these batteries and replacing them with updated versions (covered in Bitrex – the bitterest substance known to man which will encourage youngsters to spit them out).


Teaming up with Emma Hammetts, a registered nurse and founder of First Aid for Life, as well as mum and son Hollie and Ralphie who have gone through this we delivered over 400 media hits including Sky News Online, Sky News TV, a Sky News App News Notification, Sky News Radio, Hits Radio, Greatest Hits Radio, Heart, BBC Nottingham, BBC Norfolk, BBC Northampton, BBC Newsround and all ITV regional TV outlets.

Be Broadcast teamed up with Duracell on its ‘take 10, tell 10 campaign’