Dog's Trust on Cost of Living Crisis Impacting Dogs


Research carried out for Dogs Trust has shown that more than a third (35%) of the dog owners in the UK think the rising cost-of-living in the UK is making it more difficult to give their dogs all they need.

The new regular poll, carried out by YouGov on behalf of the charity, will track dog owners from a variety of backgrounds, ages and areas of the UK to measure the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on our dog-loving nation, month-by-month as the crisis evolves.

This first pulse survey, carried out in the first week of June, found that over two thirds (68%) of dog owners in the UK feel worried, to some extent, about how they will care for their dog in the next year, with 30% either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ worried.

By far the greatest worry was how they would manage to pay vet bills, which almost half (49%) named as their main concern. The second biggest worry was affording dog food (17%), closely followed by insurance (15%).


Be Broadcast and Dog’s Trust teamed up to secure coverage across GB News – working closely with presenters who have rescue dogs from the charity.

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