Co-op Funeralcare's "Elephant in The Room" Campaign

Co-op Funeralcare launched an innovative campaign to address the societal reluctance to discuss grief and bereavement, a topic that became even more pertinent following the pandemic.

Campaign Overview: The campaign featured Kelsey Parker, widow of musician Tom Parker, to shed light on the challenges of discussing grief. A central element was an 11-foot installation of an “Elephant in the Room” in Potters Field, symbolizing the often-ignored issue of death and bereavement.

Media Outreach: The campaign was highlighted across various media platforms, ensuring extensive coverage and reach:

  • BBC News Channel: National reach, significant for its wide audience base.
  • BBC Regional Stations: Including BBC Jersey, BBC Kent, BBC Berkshire, BBC Lancashire, BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Somerset, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio Leeds, and BBC Radio Solent. These regional stations helped in reaching diverse demographic segments across the UK.
  • Greatest Hits Radio (Various Regions): Catered to local audiences in London, South Coast, West Midlands, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, and more, expanding the campaign’s reach to a network of local communities.

Impact and Effectiveness: The campaign successfully created a platform for open discussions about death and bereavement, leveraging various media outlets’ reach to spread its message widely. The involvement of Kelsey Parker added a personal and relatable touch, resonating deeply with the audience and encouraging them to share their experiences with grief and loss.

Co-op Funeralcare’s “Elephant in the Room” campaign marked a significant step in breaking the societal taboo surrounding death and grief. By engaging multiple media channels, including national and regional BBC stations and Greatest Hits Radio, the campaign maximized its impact and facilitated a much-needed conversation about bereavement in the community.