Commonwealth Games & The Peter Tatchell Foundation


Be Broadcast teamed up with The Peter Tatchell Foundation and Tom Daley to highlight that 35 of the 56 competing Commonwealth States criminalise same-sex people on the launch of the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Many still operate the death penalty. In fact, 3 men were recently stoned to death in Northern Nigeria for this reason.

But the Commonwealth Charter pledges equality for and to fight discrimination.


We put to work a strategy that targeted maximum impact with minimum time. This included announcing Tom Daley’s support (coinciding with his coming documentary), the excitement build up, and staging a protest as the Baton arrived in #Birmingham2022.

This also saw us delve into the world of Print, Online, Digital, and Social.

Many of the leading broadcasters led with the LGBT+ line seeing ongoing discussion on agenda-setting shows like BBC Breakfast, GMB, Radio 4 and 5. We deployed Peter to targeted syndicated outlets to hit bulletins throughout the day with ongoing commentary and Tom to major agenda setting outlets.

And we ensured pictures and videos were out before the Baton reached its destination.

We left no stone unturned – wherever anyone was talking about Birmingham – we were pointing them to this burning injustice.

Almost every mention of the launch of the Commonwealth Games included reference to our story.

The campaign even led to the President of the Commonwealth being asked in a live TV interview how many countries discriminated against LGBT+ people and what could be done to help.


This hard-hitting campaign delivered over 800 items of broadcast coverage including BBC Breakfast, The One Show, GMB, GB News, BBC News Channel, Sky News, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, Sky News Radio, BBC Midlands Today the majority of the BBC regional radio network, the majority of the commercial radio network (through Sky News) as well as individual interviews with the likes of Capital, Heart, Greatest Hits Radio and many more.

From a print and online perspective, this campaign delivered the Guardian, Mail Online, Mirror Online, the Independent, BBC News Online, Attitude Magazine, Pink Magazine and Attitude. It also delivered 29 online counterparts to regional newspapers. On top of this it also delivered 33 international online titles including the Washington Post and New York Times.

Of the campaign and Be Broadcast, Peter Tatchell said “This is awesome coverage. Your efforts have paid huge dividends and we are immensely grateful. I am so proud of you”

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