Co-op's Unfairytales


Be Broadcast and the Co-op teamed up to shine a light on the issues that young people face across the country in order to inspire co-operation and change for their futures with its ‘unfairytales’ campaign.


In short, change the unfairytale to a fairytale.



To do this, we outlined how young people were feeling about the current state of the world and their thoughts about their futures.


We revealed that the biggest worry for those aged 13-15 is the cost-of-living crisis – something we would perhaps expect to be a worry of their parents, not them.


On top of this, most children expect they will have to leave their home town in order to find opportunity.


Using this we were able to profile schemes the Co-op are pioneering (such as offering remote work experience) to change the way the world of work approaches young people.


We teamed up with Kayleigh Wainwright from UK Youth – the leading voice in this area – to engage broadcast media outlets. We also brought in Danny Matthews who leads these schemes within the Co-op to talk about his experiences.


This campaign secured BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 5 Live, Steph’s Packed Lunch and 36 interviews including ITV regional TV, BBC Scotland, BBC London, Hits Radio, Free Radio and various commercial radio networks.

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