Co-op - Tackling Knife Crime in London


Be Broadcast teamed up with the Co-op, the Peer Action Collective and Jhemar Jonas on tackling knife crime in London and shine a light on the shocking instances of knife crime across the capital city.

As part of this activity Jhemar wrote a track about the lack of opportunities available for young people who had been left behind by London society. In it, he notes how the Cost of Living crisis was hitting their parents hardest, putting young people on an already challenging path into even more perilous situations.

Jhemar’s brother Michael was murdered in 2017 when Jhemar was just 16.

Jhemar works with the Peer Action Collective which is funded through the Co-op’s £100m donations to local community initiatives. The aim of this is to make positive changes to young people’s lives to reduce and abolish knife crime.


The track has been viewed tens of thousands of times, but our focus was on brokering an exclusive with a regional TV outlet for Jhemar to tell his story and highlight how the Cost of Living crisis would lead to an increase in knife crime – unless something was done immediately to support young people.

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