Co-op's Menopause Policy


Be Broadcast and the Co-op worked to highlight the new menopause policy.

Be Broadcast’s aim here was to showcase the ‘Co-operation’ the brand was embodying by keeping this guide free and open for any business anywhere in the world to download and use as a starting point for menopause policy.


We also shone a light on the fact that Co-op is one of the largest British employers to build this as well as keeping it open – making it a world first from the UK.

We were delighted to see praise from independent groups viewing the coverage such as the CIPD and the British Retail Consortium.


This campaign landed key messaging across BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 5 Live, ITV News, talkTV, 22+ BBC regional interviews, inclusion in BBC UK wide Bulletins as well as Capital, Heart, Smooth and Classic output.

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