Co-op Legal Services - Changing Perspectives on Prenuptial Agreements

Co-op Legal Services conducted a campaign focusing on the significant shift in British attitudes towards prenuptial agreements, with a 70% increase in pre-nup requests in 2023. This trend indicates a move towards more pragmatic approaches to marriage and asset protection.

Challenge: The challenge was to alter the perception of prenuptial agreements in the UK, often seen as unromantic or only relevant to the wealthy. The campaign aimed to normalize these agreements and highlight their practical benefits.

Action: To drive this change, Co-op Legal Services engaged TV personality Denise Welch and family law solicitor Ben Evans. They initiated discussions across various media outlets to educate the public on the importance and benefits of prenuptial agreements. The campaign included:

  • Media Engagements: Interviews and discussions on radio and TV stations nationwide, ensuring widespread coverage.
  • Educational Approach: Providing detailed insights into the reasons behind the increasing interest in prenuptial agreements and the practicalities involved.

Impact: The campaign successfully achieved its key milestones (KMs), with 100% delivery in key areas such as:

  1. Increased Awareness: Co-op Legal Services mentions across multiple broadcasts raised awareness of their services.
  2. Educational Impact: Discussions around the 70% increase in pre-nup requests and broader research helped educate the public on changing trends.
  3. Direct Engagement: Encouraging direct interaction with Co-op Legal Services’ website, promoting their expertise and resources.

Results: The campaign reached over 22 million people through 338 broadcast opportunities. Key metrics were successfully met, including Co-op Legal Services mentions, discussions about the 70% increase in prenup requests, and directing traffic to the Co-op Legal Services website.

Conclusion: The campaign by Co-op Legal Services, with Denise Welch and Ben Evans, marked a significant shift in public perception of prenuptial agreements in the UK. The extensive media coverage and educational content effectively communicated the benefits of prenups, encouraging a more pragmatic approach to marriage and asset protection among the British public.

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