Co-op - Launching Compassionate Leave


The company aimed to launch a compassionate leave policy to address support for employees during times of bereavement and prioritise its employees’ well-being, improve workplace culture, and set an example for other organisations.


Co-op implemented a groundbreaking compassionate leave policy, doubling the existing paid bereavement leave to 10 days for all employees, regardless of their relationship to the deceased. In collaboration with Be Broadcast, actions included:

  • Creating a comprehensive guide for managers and companies, freely available for download, to encourage the adoption of similar policies in the industry.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns and media engagements to promote the importance of compassionate leave and encourage other companies to follow suit.


The introduction of the compassionate leave policy by Co-op yielded significant outcomes:

  • Media Recognition: Be Broadcast secured media coverage on reputable platforms, including LBC, GB News, BBC South Today, ITV Meridian, and many more, amplifying the message of Co-op Insurance and spreading awareness about the importance of compassionate leave.
  • Improved Support: The policy addressed the top concern of bereavement leave among workers, ensuring employees feel supported during their grieving journey.
  • Enhanced Workplace Culture: Co-op set a new standard in bereavement support, fostering a compassionate and empathetic workplace culture.
  • Industry Inspiration: The policy’s guide, freely available for download, encouraged other companies to adopt similar compassionate leave policies, further supporting employees nationwide.

The compassionate leave policy implemented by Co-op and Be Broadcast not only addressed the immediate needs of grieving employees but also contributed to a more supportive and caring work environment. Through media coverage and the availability of the policy guide, Co-op set an example for other organizations, encouraging them to prioritize employee well-being and adopt similar compassionate leave policies.


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